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Search for the Consultant in a Targeted Manner Who Will Contribute the Suitable Competence for Your Specific Problem


Thanks to the deployment of expert consulting resources, many companies are accelerating their success on supply chain, procurement and logistics projects or «must-win» initiatives. In this context, they utilise the long-term and cross-industry know-how of external technical experts and specialists in order to reach and reinforce their change goals.


The Consultant knows no more per se than the internal specialised personnel, but he is not involved in the daily business and can thus concentrate completely on the project and the solution to any problems that arise. In addition, he knows how a project can be managed successfully despite time and cost pressures.


Typically, companies need and deploy Consultants in the following situations if

  1. The company does not have the required competence and experience,

  2. The know-how and experience are indeed available, but it has no time capacities or the project is behind schedule, or

  3. The external perspective is purposeful and necessary.


Often, it is recognised too late that external support would be advantageous – usually only then when a project or a situation is in a bad state.


Our Services


Supply Chains are More Critical Today than Ever Before!


We know: These days, the success of production companies depends more and more on top-class supply chain management and efficient logistics. This is indeed the case because a decisive competitive factor in the future will be increasingly a smart value-creation chain. The comprehensive and high-performing design as well as the controlling of the supply chain & logistics will be the cornerstone of success.


Our consulting services encompass all elements of the supply and value-creation chain. We will support you during the development and analysis of your supply chain, procurement and logistics strategies. We will work with you in order to jointly develop solutions for the entire supply chain or individual sections thereof and ensure timely realisation.

Your Benefits


The advantages which Consultants have over internal experts are:

  • Time to concentrate on the theme (during which you can devote yourself to the daily business)

  • You will receive neutral and solution-oriented support (devoid of individual interests)

  • Combination of analytical skills and stage-specific communication skills

  • Independence and objectivity

  • Best practises and benchmarking in and beyond the industry


Stated Concisely: Work together with us in order to accelerate the success of your most important projects and to expand the change capability at your company.

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