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Jointly Attain More with Coaching

In the Supply Chain Management Division, the communication between the various units is of high importance so that optimisations in individual units do not result in a deterioration of the overall situation. Change projects are launched in cycles which are shorter and shorter. Managers must initiate them, support them and also support their employees. And who supports the Managers? They also require a sparring partner – someone who supports them during the reflection on their work.

Frequently, in the Supply Chain Management Division, an «I have my shop in order» mentality prevails and thus coaching is often too requested too late.

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Our Services

You will discuss your issue with the respective Coach from The Supply Chain Experts GmbH, then jointly formulate your desired goal and search for solutions. In this context, the Coach will support you via various intervention methods which are adapted to the respective issue. He will give you feedback and help you to see new perspectives.

Phases of a coaching class:

  • Introductory and contact phase

  • Agreement and contract phase, development of a work relationship

  • Identify the (target) goal for the (actual) current situation

  • Develop solutions

  • Ensure the transfer, development of clear, verifiable next steps

  • Evaluation and successful completion

Your Benefits

  • You work on the themes which are relevant to your respective situation

  • You reflect on your behaviours, your values and your abilities

  • You scrutinise and revise your management situation, your management behaviour and your role

  • You develop your implementation skills

  • You improve your ability to handle conflicts

  • You develop career paths and coach them for you and your employees

  • You increase your skills in change management

To summarise: You and your employees will develop yourselves into an agile company despite being confronted with a volatile environment

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