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Our Expertise

We only offer support if we can demonstrate that we have the appropriate expertise. Supply chain, procurement and logistics management are the core competences which we focus on.

Supply Chain Management

Global competition and steady changes in client needs require a high degree of adaptability from supply chains.


SC-X supports you in optimizing the efficiency of procurement, production and distribution networks and converts them into competitive advantages, i.e.:


  • Design, planning and controlling of goods, information and cash flows – from the supplier to the end customer (national & international [foreign trade & customs]),

  • Strategy / concept development,

  • Improved agility programs,

  • Process and cost optimization programs,

  • Increased efficiency programs,

  • Organizational development,

  • M&A / post-merger integration projects



With well-thought-out concepts, innovative solutions and a lot of experience in national and international markets, the experts at SC-X achieve intelligent solutions for their clients even in difficult situations, i.e.:


SC-X experts have extensive know-how and in-depth market knowledge in the area of ​​indirect procurement.


SC-X acts completely independently of suppliers and guarantees the objectivity of its analyses and recommendations.


SC-X supports you

  • In order to have your costs under control,

  • In order to develop your purchasing strategy,

  • When setting up your purchasing organization,

  • With the introduction of your category management,

  • During the implementation of your supplier management,

  • On tenders,

  • On purchasing controlling,

  • During the negotiation of conditions with suppliers,

  • Etc.



Logistics ensure that goods, merchandise and information are always where they are needed – and in the right quantity and quality, at the right time, in the right place and at the optimal cost. The areas of logistics are diverse and include procurement, production, storage and distribution logistics.


The optimization of logistical processes requires experience – not only theoretical but also practical – in order to be able to think and act flexibly.


SC-X supports you in the following areas:

  • Logistics strategies,

  • Network optimization,

  • Logistics and flow of goods,

  • Distribution organization

  • Distribution / supply logistics,

  • Supply and material flow planning,

  • Warehousing,

  • Goods management,

  • Inventory planning,

  • Storage optimization,

  • Operational planning,

  • Layout planning,

  • Factory planning,

  • Lean management,

  • Process optimization,

  • Increased efficiency,

  • Logistics tender / tender management,

  • Contractual (framework contracts / LOI’s / SLA’s / SOP’s / etc.)

  • Etc.

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