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Reinforcement during Bottlenecks with Interim Management


The deployment of Interim Managers offers advantages from many diverse perspectives. Precisely in special situations if, for example, the existing management capacities are not sufficient, large-scale and complex projects are looming or a vacancy that arises on short notice must be bridged, the deployment of an Interim Manager is frequently a welcome solution.


As a rule, the best-suited persons for this at the company are already fully-burdened with the daily business or the available personnel do not have the required internal «standing».


External Interim Managers with the right “collar size” are a genuine alternative for the management of complex projects. Thanks to their personal experience garnered from similar tasks and their expertise, upon their deployment, they will help to improve the acceptance and chances for success of your goal.


Our Services


In situations in which an External Manager is deployed for a brief timeframe at one’s own company, the right personality for your individual issue will be of decisive importance.


As seasoned Interim Managers with vast experience, we will assume the following roles or functions along the company and inter-company supply chain:

Interim / temporary management of your overall supply chain or divisions thereof such as Purchasing, Logistics or Transport,

  • Assumption of personnel, cost and budgetary responsibilities without «ifs and buts»,

  • Assumption of the bridging of management vacancies over the short term / for a fixed duration of time,

  • Reorganisations and restructurings of the supply chain including team development,

  • Management of start-up projects in the Supply Chain Management Division,

  • Management of complex projects along the company and inter-company supply chain.

Your Benefits


  • You will profit from a flexible work model (i.e. flexible form for the controlling of personnel and management resources / work model of the future).

  • You will have the choice: Full-time or part-time, the degree of deployment can be adjusted at any time throughout the course of the project and/or the mandate can be situationally extended or dissolved.

  • Usage of a temporary over-qualification.

  • “Just pay for what you use». No social levies, no holiday pay, no company car; only actually-rendered man-days will be invoiced.

  • From fixed personnel costs, variable project expenditures with a transparent cost budget will be created.

  • Long-term and comprehensive senior / executive experience from diverse industries and other projects.

  • Usage of the Interim Manager’s contact network.

Stated Concisely: The deployment of an Interim Manager is not more expensive in comparison with a permanent position.

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