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Logistics – An Indispensable and Cross-Divisional Function

Logistics is the most important cross-divisional function in our economy – from national and international value-creation / supply chains in retail and production to e-commerce to Aunt Emma’s little shop nearby (from the transport to the storage and the waste disposal). It is the critical connective link between the supplier, producer, retail shop and the end customer. A logistics which will also endure in the future and intends to keep a step ahead of the competition, imposes high standards for all system components and must also address current environmental aspects.

Logistics quite simply makes it all possible. Without logistics, nothing works. Each company has its own definition of its logistics. There is not just THE logistics!

With a cost component of up to 30 percent, the logistics costs in production determine the product prices. The logistics optimisation is accordingly an important control lever for reducing the overall costs, transport and warehousing costs. In comparison to the overall costs, they constitute a significant cost position. In the future, environmental aspects and, in this case, not just the theme of waste disposal / recycling, but rather particularly the CO2-neutral rendering of logistics services will be in the forefront..


Our Offerings

We will optimise your transport logistics, reduce costs, improve processes and your ecological footprint and thus sustainably create added value and competitive advantages for our clients. From the in-bound logistics to the intra-logistics to the out-bound logistics. That means that we will support you during the planning and optimisation of all logistical structures and processes.

The experts at The Supply Chain Experts possess many years of expertise, excellent analytical skills as well as many years of experience working with diverse industries, professions and management levels in all areas of logistical services.


The Advantages of Future-Oriented Logistics Management

  • Added Value and Competitive Advantages

  • Obtaining Cost Savings and  Increasing Profits

Through new tendering procedures and renegotiating logistics services and process optimisations which contribute towards increasing profits.

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction

Through process optimisations and improving the flexibility in the logistics chain.

  • Efficient Logistics Processes and Optimised Flows of Goods

Along the entire supply chain as the critical competitive factor for success.

  • An Optimised Inventory Management Approach

During times of increasingly volatile markets and ever-more complex value-creation chains, an effective inventory management approach will become the strategic factor for success. Reducing inventory stockpiles while simultaneously improving delivery capabilities are indeed possible and not mutually exclusive.

We at The Supply Chain Experts will work together with you in order to define which strategies and solutions will be ideally-suited to your company to enable your company to bring your products at the right time in the right quantity to the right destination.

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