The Network of Experts

The Supply Chain Experts GmbH is the first point of contact for everything from strategy to digitization to business process re-engineering along the entire supply chain – from the supplier to the end customer.


Our philosophy is based on the principles of “Supply Chain Excellence”, i.e.: 

  • 100% quality,

  • Independence,

  • Fairness,

  • Competence,

  • Implementation skills,

  • Efficiency,

  • Economic efficiency,

  • Reliability and sustainability!

Depending on the task, The Supply Chain Experts GmbH draws on a selection of experts and specialists as well as other strong personalities within its network.


Under the leadership of The Supply Chain Experts GmbH, these teams ensure that the defined client specifications are realized and the goals are implemented as well as achieved efficiently and cost-effectively. 


Members of The Supply Chain Experts GmbH's network of experts have many years of proven professional expertise in the areas of supply chain, procurement and logistics management. Their performance is based on successfully-implemented projects as well as client feedback.

SC-X-Experten sind entscheidungsfreudig, arbeiten zielstrebig und sind auch in schwier-igen Aufgaben beharrlich. 

The Supply Chain Experts GmbH

Sandgarten 22

CH - 4312 Magden / AG

+41 (0)61 534 19 38