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Already Take the Factors for Success into Consideration for Your SCM Projects from the Very Outset.

The management of supply chain, procurement and logistics projects requires professional planning and effective controlling. In addition, projects in this work area must be implemented upon a parallel basis to the daily business and, precisely for this reason, they are often not successfully set up and implemented.

And, in order to prevent this, external assistance always makes sense because external project support manages and supports the project with specialised know-how and, as required, also in a «hands-on» manner. An objective focus on what is essential without operational blinders, an analysis and search for solutions which is not influenced by personal emotions and a neutral moderator who, when confronted by friction with internal and external project partners, can help to circumvent many an obstacle and thus keep the project on course. And, now and then, an “external lightning rod” doesn’t hurt, either!


Our Services

You will discuss your project with the respective Project Manager from The Supply Chain Experts GmbH and, as required, adapt his experience so that your project will be set up in a goal- and solution-oriented manner. He will support you from the outset during the selection of the project method, e.g. canvas or project structure plan.


We attend to and support the projects assigned to us on the following issues and during the following phases:

  • Project identification

  • Project goal definition

  • Project planning and project organisation

  • Project management / project support

  • Realisation / implementation

  • Project completion and project evaluation

  • Post-controlling

The modular structure of our projects will enable you to once again internalise the project or adapt to potential market changes after each milestone.

Your Benefits

  • Independent of third parties – particularly if decisions are looming regarding suppliers or other market partners.

  • Objectivity of the consulting subject to the consideration of all opportunities and risks.

  • Alleviating the burdens on your internal resources thanks to external specialised support.

  • External competence: As long as required, as much as required.

  • Higher likelihood of success

  • External professionals are more motivated than the internal employees (with doubled workloads)

Stated Concisely: We implement projects on time and under budget and alleviate the burdens on your organisation.

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