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Training with a Practical Correlation

In the Supply Chain Management Division, the communication between the various units is of high importance so that optimisations in individual units will not result in a deterioration of the overall situation. In this context, the affected employees require a collective perspective, a comparable level of knowledge and the support of the affected Managers of the units/work areas.

During times of digitalisation, one very often searches for external study programmes or specialised themes. However, by so doing, it is very often overlooked that the cross-divisional communication of internal knowledge coupled with current themes is also valuable for companies and employees.

Often, internal training classes are unsuccessful because they have been structured only in a product- or market-specific manner. External training classes quickly lose their appeal for the employees because they do not reflect the correlation to their everyday professional life.


Our Services

The experts at The Supply Chain Experts GmbH will discuss with you the contents of the desired training programme and then prepare it for your company and needs in a customised manner.

TIn this context, firstly your internal perspective and the positive as well as the critical events from your company’s practical experiences will be taken into consideration and secondly we can also integrate our experience and market knowledge and thus the «best practices» outside your company.


The selection of supply chain management themes is quite diverse. Current themes such as, for example, INCOTERMS 2020, can thus be addressed in such a manner that thereafter your Purchasing and Logistics

Divisions will share the same concept. That is to say, firstly that they are informed of the latest changes and secondly to guarantee in the future the optimal and economically-most beneficial application of INCOTERMS at your company in a highly-coordinated manner.

However, there can also be themes from the practical and daily work environment such as warehousing and transport logistics or themes regarding purchasing, importing, exporting or customs issues.


Your Benefits

  • As a rule, the training is very practically-oriented and accurately depicts the operational reality. The focus on the conveyance of knowledge is transferred into the daily work.

  • Contents and forms of training are more multi-faceted, can be adapted to the individual requirements and are enriched through the external perspective and industry benchmarks.

  • External experts contribute another perspective which often can be formulated in a more precise and dedicated manner.

  • We will support you during the identification and development of the untapped potential lying in your employees and teams

  • Deadlines as well as time and locational frameworks can be specified as often as desired and adapted to the changing conditions.


To summarise: Customised, knowledge-expanding, team-promoting, modular, and easily understandable from the practitioner for the practitioners.

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