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Our Supply Chain Scan Increases Your Value-Creation


Profit from Our Objective and Neutral External Perspective in the Sense of a Second Opinion


The continuous improvement process (CIP) of supply and delivery chains has high strategic importance for each company.

If correctly implemented, small supply chain management will lead to lower costs, a faster production cycle, more efficient order fulfilment and, last but not least, to satisfied customers.

Themes such as supply disruptions, delivery failures, delivery delays, out-of-stock, margin erosion, planning uncertainty, the demand for more digitalisation, automation, artificial intelligence, etc. are only a couple of themes which we must address. They all have an immense influence on delivery and supply chains.


Via our modularly-structured supply chain scan, we can identify disruption sources, bottlenecks and optimisation potential along your supply and delivery chains. As the result, you will receive a transparent analysis report with concrete recom-mendations with regards to optimisation and development measures as well as quick wins.

The Modules

   1. Supply chain control system

   2. Procurement

   3. Warehousing / intra-logistics

   4. Transport logistics

How we work

  • Per module, 1-2 on-site meetings

  • Screening the module with our proven and much-practiced approach

  • Evaluation of the data collected

  • Identification of relevant potential

  • Drafting the analysis report

Your Benefits 

  • You will profit from the objective external perspective from our experts and the related practical transfer of knowledge.

  • Our experts will provide you with analytical results and identify realistic fields of action very quickly and very transparently.

  • Concrete and prioritised optimisation and development measures will give you a very good basis for additional decisions and direct approaches for the implementation.

  • Our identified «quick wins» will support you as well as the continued development of your company quickly and effectively.

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