You Want to Optimise Your Supply Chain?

... Then You Will Profit from Our Objective and Neutral External Perspective!


The supply chain management, i.e. the handling and continuous improvement of the supply chain has for each company a high degree of strategic importance for its competiveness on the market. The optimal management of the supply chain is thus of essential importance!


Your Initial Situation

  • So the demands of your customers and the markets require the continued development of your supply chain?

  • So you want to toss away unnecessary “baggage” and make your logistics higher-performing, but you have not yet been able to identify where the greatest potential is still “lurking”?

  • You need the rapid assessment of your current situation.

  • So you would like to identify emergency measures and optimisation approaches to implement?

  • Your company is being compelled to make changes and you thus need a solid decision-making basis.

Our Offerings

  • For the rapid assessment of your status quo, we recommend that you conduct a customised and modularly-structured supply chain / logistics check (efficiently and effectively).

  • Together, we will define the analysis package that is optimal for you (the modules can be booked individually and independently of each other).


   1. Supply Chain-Organisation

   2. Supply Chain-Processes

   3. Supply Chain-Costs

   4. In-Bound- & Out-Bound-Logistics



  • 2-3 on-site visits by 1 or 2 of our experts

  • Check your supply chain via our proven and modularly-structured analytical concept

  • Identification of relevant potential

  • Delivery of results within 3 weeks (with analyses and decision-making bases) as well as recommendation of concrete measures within your warehouse, transport and production logistics

   5. Intra-Logistics

Your Benefits 

  • You will profit from the objective external perspective from our experts and the related practical transfer of knowledge.

  • Our experts will provide you with analytical results and identify realistic fields of action very quickly and very transparently.

  • Concrete and prioritised optimisation and development measures will give you a very good basis for additional decisions and direct approaches for the implementation.

  • Our identified «quick wins» will support you as well as the continued development of your company quickly and effectively.

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