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The Self-Conception of Progressive Procurement Management

Regarded statistically, these days, more than half of corporate services are purchased from and/or co-designed by external value-creation partners. In this context, it encompasses much more than only a cost-effective, low-inventory and timely supplying of materials, services and/or infrastructure facilities of all kinds. As an important component of supply chain management, it is necessary to use smart procurement management in order to safeguard supply sources over the long term, to tap innovation potential with suppliers as well as to consistently manage and/or minimise procurement risks.

Our belief is that, without integrating the procurement, corporate strategies can only still be successfully implemented to a limited extent. 

We at SC-X consider procurement to be the interface between internal and external value creation. We are convinced that sustainable and transparent procurement management makes an essential contribution to company success. Or quite simply: Competitive advantages through cost leadership.


Our Offerings

We at The Supply Chain Experts GmbH are your partners for the complete spectrum of integrated procurement management. We can offer you our expertise in the areas of consulting, project management and interim management.

Through innovative solutions and our experience garnered from a wide array of mandates and industries, even when confronted with difficult situations, we can formulate intelligent and stable solutions for our clients. Regardless of the industry in which you work, we can help you to efficiently and optimally attain your purchasing goals.


While working together with you, we will analyse and assess the potential along your supply chain, jointly develop strategies with you and sustainably implement them in the respective segments within the parameters of project modules.

We place importance on safeguarding the successes attained via sustainable and resilient solutions.

In this context, we support companies to reduce costs, continue to develop their procurement processes and purchasing teams in such a manner that they can realise greater savings in a faster and more sustainable manner which will ensure that, over the long-term, they will generate a higher value contribution for the entire company.

Our motto: Strengthen your purchasing so that your company will be strong!

The Advantages of Smart Procurement Management

  • A purchasing strategy adapted to the corporate strategy

In the purchasing strategy, guidelines are also defined for critical competitive themes, e.g.

  • Supplier management (SRM),

  • Direct versus indirect procurement,

  • Developmental partnerships,

  • Local versus regional or global sourcing,

  • Make-or-buy.

  • Transparency in the Purchasing Portfolio

Differentiation by strategic items, bottleneck items, lever items and non-critical items.

  • Guaranteed Supply Sources

The knowledge regarding under what conditions consumer goods such as clothing and electronic goods, among many others, can be manufactured with which sub-suppliers and how supply disruptions can be avoided.

  • Sustainable Planning of Purchasing Costs

It is an important tool in business management calculations because the costs determine the profit margin and may in no case exceed the customary sales price for the market.

  • Optimised Procurement Costs and Procurement Processes

  • EBIT improvement

  • Transparency within the individual purchasing categories (OPEX and CAPEX) such as facility management, telecommunications, IT, marketing, consumables, financial products, waste, energy, real estate properties, construction, etc.

  • The streamlining of the ordering processes is an essential component of the process optimisation. It reduces the path between the need and the delivery for the purpose of preventing maverick buying (the procurement outside of standardised procurement channels).

  • Designing and managing tendering procedures for our clients (RFQ, ​​RFI, RFP) as a service or as a subcontracting (outsourcing)

  • Identification of opportunities to bundle services and resources

  • Reduction of Indirect Costs

Costs which are not directly attributable to a cost bearer or which are not directly associated with production

  • Savings in Logistical Costs

  • Streamlined Purchasing Organisation


  • More Competitiveness

The Supply Chain Experts GmbH guarantees that the results attained will exceed the project costs many times over. We call that “added value”! This completely according to the motto: «The whole is more than the sum of its parts».

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