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Specific Supply Chain Know-How Available Upon Request!

We at The Supply Chain Experts GmbH (SC-X) are a neutral and independent competence centre consisting of more than 20 supply chain, procurement and logistics experts along the company and inter-company valuecreation chain.


Based upon the respective sphere of tasks, we have the option at our disposal to select from experienced personalities with strong implementation skills within our network.


All members of our network possess many years of documented specialised expertise in all important areas of supply chain management. Their reputation is based upon documented projects that have been successfully implemented and the related subsequent positive client feedback. They are all professionals in their specialised working area with a wide array of diverse SCM skills, proven management qualifications, strong communication skills as well as broad-based experience working in diverse industries and on diverse SC projects.


SC-X offers conceptual and implementation support. We support our clients from the organisation and strategy development to the digitalisation and automation extending to the business process re-engineering.


Process- and cost-optimisation projects, or also the bridging of vacancies (interim management), are typical tasks which are assigned to us.


The results that we attain drastically exceed the project costs many times over. We call this «added value»!

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