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Supply Chain Management as a Comprehensive Approach

«Supply chain management» or «Lieferkettenmanagement» is increasingly becoming the focus of corporate management and is considered to be the backbone of the company. The supply chain management encompasses both the controlling, monitoring as well as also the optimisation of the flows of materials, information and money along the entire value-creation process.

During the comprehensive analysis of the supply chain, we focus on the transparency and resiliency of the entire supply chain, the efficiency of the processes, the increasing of benefits to the client as well as resource optimisation in order to ultimately supply the customers and the markets successfully with goods in a cost-effective manner.

Our goal of a comprehensively-optimised supply chain is the logical synchronisation of all value-creation processes from the supplier to the demand upon the part of the consumer and/or the customer. From the needs-specific controlled production to the adapted supply chain: Everything is supposed to be maximally coordinated with everything else and connected with everything else. Thus, costs can be minimised and processes can be transparently structured.

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Our Offerings

The Supply Chain Experts (also referred to in shortened form as SC-X) is a network consisting of a pool of supply chain, purchasing and logistics experts. The network members are experienced personalities with documented management qualifications, strong communication skills as well as broad-based experience obtained from a wide array of industries and projects.

We offer our clients both management services as well as also conceptual and implementation support.


We support our clients from the organisational and strategy development to the digitalisation and extending to the business process re-engineering.

Cost and process optimisation as well as project management, or also the bridging of vacancies, are typical tasks which are assigned to us.

We guarantee that the results attained will exceed the project costs many times over – and that is your added value!

The Advantages of an Active Supply Chain Management Approach

  • More competitiveness

The comprehensive and efficient alignment of ever-more complex supply chains is the pre-requisite for a company’s long-term competitiveness.

  • A cost structure adapted to the respective conditions

We regard cost optimisation as being a management process whereby the costs for the preservation of competiveness are analysed and influenced in a targeted manner.

  • Optimised processes

Operational sequences must always run more efficiently and more transparently so that the customer receives the correct goods at the correct time at the correct location. An analysis and monitoring of key indicators alone are not sufficient, but rather also require the integration of processes. Many factors have an influence on the processes. Often, the process that is implemented is different than the target vision (SOP). It is necessary to attain the full transparency of the supply chain which, in addition to the warehousing and order key indicators, also includes the process indicators and process deviations.

  • Concrete and reliable requirements forecasts

Determination of the effective requirements demand / incorrect requirements forecasts = sales loss and high inventories.

  • Needs-synchronised production and customer deliveries

Controlling the operational production management

  • Minimised goods stockpiles along the entire value-creation chain and lower warehousing costs

In most warehouses, not too few goods and articles are the problem, but rather too many. If the maximum inventory is exceeded, an overstock situation is created – an inventory quantity which is economically no longer beneficial. The warehousing inventory has then reached a critical mass in relation to equity

  • Increased reaction speed to changed demand and changed framework conditions

The resource planning is at the beginning of the planning and organises the required “resources”. Under “resources”, one understands firstly personnel (one’s own and external employees), and secondly equipment and machines, rooms, vehicles and so forth.

  • Reduction of process runtimes and supply processes

The lead time is the timeframe which a work object or an entity requires in order to run through a system.


  • More customer-proximity and customer satisfaction

Individualised and timely – those are today the customers’ benchmarks. They no longer want to wait until they can hold their acquired product in their hands and/or use it.


The Supply Chain Experts GmbH guarantee that the results attained will exceed the project costs many times over. We call this “added value”! This completely according to the motto: «The whole is more than the sum of its parts»

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