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Independence and Partnerships for your
Supply Chain Success!

SC-X is an independent and objective advisor for supply chain management. We provide honest, impartial advice that is solely focused on the individual needs and goals of our clients.

In areas of operational and inter-organizational supply chain that require specialized knowledge, we form targeted partnerships with third-party providers. These collaborations are strategically and carefully selected to expand our range of services without compromising our core values. Our partners complement our expertise and contribute to developing comprehensive solutions for our clients.

When collaborating with third-party providers, we prioritize client needs, transparency, and integrity. We ensure the highest level of transparency at every stage of the cooperation and ensure that our partnerships support the strategic objectives of our clients. This promotes efficiency gains and cost reduction.

We avoid any form of conflict of interest. Our recommendations and strategic proposals are free from any influence by third-party providers. This guarantees that our clients always receive optimal solutions that are precisely tailored to their needs.

As your partner for smart supply chain, procurement, and logistics solutions, SC-X combines the principle of absolute neutrality and independence with meaningful, strategic partnerships. This approach enables us to offer a comprehensive service that enhances the competitiveness of our clients and secures sustainable success.

With SC-X, you have a trusted partner committed to the vision of its clients, effectively turning

your supply chain strategies into reality.


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